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  Collection Process

We have put the collection process into a flow chart for the folks who want to know how the it works.

The LegalSoft Debt Collection Software works according to the process as set out in the applicable Acts in law without exception and generates completed Court accepted documents.
  Quick Overview:
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Collection Process


  Start the Collection Process
Take on a new matter
Send a LETTER OF DEMAND (Section 129 Letter) which is in accordance with Section 129 of the Nation Credit Act and must sent by registered mail
Note: Sending the letter of demand by registered mail verifies the defendant’s address and the receipt of the final demand.
No debt management request
The debtor requests to be placed under debt management / debt review

The defendant did not collect the registered letter.
Options: Trace the defendant or take the chance and issue summons and let the sheriff verify the address
The defendant did collect the registered letter and did nothing about the outstanding debt.
Option: Issue summons against the defendant
The defendant received the letter of demand and wants to pay the outstanding debt in payments
Option: Accept the payment offer and let the defendant sign a Section 58 Consent of Judgment or reject it and issue summons against the defendant


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