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These are some of the testimonials we have received from satisfied clients.


  P. Landman

I started my business two years ago. When we started up we were working with templates. We had too many mistakes and lost a lot of man hours due to the inefficacy of the template system. We moved over to LegalSoft after we saw their demonstration and I figured we could only win. Subsequently, within 2 months we have increased production from approximately 14 matter files per day on the template system to just under 100 matter files per day by changing to the LegalSoft system. In short, we are making more money now.

Cape Town, Western Cape

  J. Swartz

We moved from another software vendor to LegalSoft, what a difference! Our collection quadrupled in less the 3 months.

Thank you LegalSoft.

Roodepoort, Gauteng

  Stofberg Debt Solutions
We started a new collection agency in August 2004. I had problems working from templates as it was extremely time consuming. and the margin for error was a huge risk and reality especially when processing high volumes of work. The monitoring of processes was a nightmare, especially when you are dealing with numerous courts and using sheriffs across South Africa.

We lacked adequate systems for reporting to clients, defendants statements, projections of growth etc. These are important to us for enhancing our quality of service in a very competitive market. The processes we used were just not sufficient to achieving our goal. In summary our problem was that the systems we had in place were inadequate.

Acquiring LegalSoft software made all the difference in the working of our company, not to mention the user friendly working of the package. We appreciate the time and effort put into LegalSoft as this package has become a necessity for our company to function effectively. To be able to rent this software at this price, has enabled us to cover the additional cost of the rental and increase our net profit.

Somerset West, Western Cape

  CHO Collections

Since contacting LegalSoft I had the feeling that this company is the right people to talk to. Their professional expertise in the field of debt collecting, as well as their thorough understanding of the operational and legal requirements proves that they are more than capable to support any debt collecting agency. Looking forward to a long-standing relationship with LegalSoft.

Corman Olivier

Gauteng , 27/02/2019


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